Hera Textile which operates under HERA GROUP launched its operations with Akaydın Textile, its partner to meet the textile demands of foreign markets. It meets the needs of the countries where it operates in textile sector, especially for business clothes and uniforms in line with quality and trust principle. Hera Textile, which has become the representative of quality and stability thanks to its expert and committed personnel draws attention for its world class products which it produces by using the high technology machinery. The value of the fabric has multiple aspects in the life. The fabric which has a value in terms of appearance, and which is the sole object which determines the warmth and cold in the human body points out to the importance of textile in human life. Hera Textile aims to keep the customer satisfaction in the maximum level in summer and winter seasons through the fabric types which it has produced. The will of the institutions to provide comfort and elegant appearance for their personnel is considered as a significant subject in today’s world. With its harmony in its designs with the corporate structure and quality of its fabric, Hera Textile applies a service policy which will cause it to make a distinguished name in the world.